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Do you have a sauce of your own?  Let us bottle it for you!

There are many steps to becoming licensed and approved to sell shelf-stable bottled products.  It can be a little overwhelming, we can help! 

We can provide consulting services to walk you through these steps OR we can do it all for you.

Available services:

  • Process your sauce(s) for the Process Authority (WSU), requires (2) containers per sauce per size.

  • Submit & ship your sauce(s) to the Process Authority to obtain an ‘Authorization to Process’ Letter.

  • Register the sauce(s) with the FDA.

  • Submit the sauce(s) for WSDA licensing, this will include inspection by WSDA if they request.

  • Provide FDA approved Food Nutrition Panel, list of ingredients and allergens.

  • Assist with label development, required information.

  • Labor to prepare, process, and bottle the product in a licensed commercial kitchen.

  • Obtain product ingredients, bottles, lids, security seals, batch ID stickers, and boxes.

  • Provide commissary storage for packaged products in a licensed facility. 

  • Package and ship the product after processing.

Interested?  Give us a call 509.521.4209 or email us (below).

We look forward to hearing from you and working together on your next adventure!

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