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Welcome to Pepper Preppers

Pepper Preppers has three different businesses.  We are a family and operated business with a goal to help other small businesses be successful in their culinary endeavors.  See below for more options.  


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Pepper Preppers Kitchen

Commerical Kitchen (opened October 2022 with brand new equipment).  Space in our commissary kitchen is available for rent with hourly and monthly plans.  Dry and Cold storage is also available.

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Pepper Preppers Hot Sauce

Seven different Handcrafted Hot sauces.  All designed to complement your palate and your food.  Unique ingredients, perfect balance between heat and flavor.

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Pepper Preppers Co-Packing

Do you have an acidified sauce?  Would you like to sell it?  We can help as little as helping you get your product licensed or do it all for you (license, make, bottle, label, etc).

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